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How Can We Help You?

Are you surviving homelessness or living in poverty? Please contact us via any of the channels below.

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If we can't help, maybe they can:

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Let Me Help!

A half eaten sandwich and some left over food or hand me downs has been the norm for helping our homeless and those surviving poverty. Even though these things are generous and effective in the right now, feel good approach, it is not a long term solution. a real agent of change and eradicate those surviving homelessnes and families surviving poverty, your voice and actions has to be done with commitment. Organizations like the Foundation for Homeless and Poverty Management and others that are  helping those in homelessness but advocating speaking up, demanding that those surviving homelessnes are not forgotten about and need immediate help

Donation Options

(Choose a cause below to donate)


Feed an Individual

Feed a Family



Your Gift here will help give an individual or family receive a package of: socks, underwear, Sweat pants, long Johns, Scully hats, Scarf, t-shirts, bras, etc…

Essentials & Toiletries

Donation here will help an individual or family receive items such as Deodorant, tampons, face towels, bath towels, etc.

Child Care

A large number of people experience homelessness and poverty have jobs besides hygiene and cleanliness the biggest issues that makes them lose their job is child care. Many people cannot find affordable decent child care while they work your donation will help their children  <<WSA term>> help their families' future.

Support Youth Athletics

Many students and children that are experiencing homelessness and poverty do not get a chance to participate in sports on any level like their counterparts. Your donation here will support a child or student with athletic aspirations and talent.


Gift Card

These are the restaurant and stores we are in partnership with that if you buy a gift card they will service

We have contract with barber/beauty and cosmetology schools to give a boost of confidence and beauty.

People coming out of homelessness that have been awarded permanent house have to start from the beginning. Your donation here will help with dishes, utensils, pots, pans, kitchen table, beds & bedding, towels, wash cloths.