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Programs We Offer

Kitsap Eviction Prevention Assistance (KEPA) Program

FHPM is currently participating in the Kitsap  Prevention and utility assistance for renters impacted by COVID-19, who are behind on rent and are at risk of losing their housing.

To date. with the help of Kitsap Community Resources and Kitsap County. we have covered $200,000 in back rent for over 51 households.

If you are behind on your rent and face possible eviction, we maybe able to help. Email us today.

Life Skills Training

Life skills are the skills that a person must possess in order to successfully live in today’s world. These include knowing
how to work at a job, be part of a team, manage money, manage time, live as part of a family and learning effective communication skills.


Time Management

Time management includes learning how to deal with stressful mornings, preparing for days activity, setting daily reminders, using a time-management calendar, learning to create to-do lists, planning the day, and learning how to say no without conflict.


Father's Program

Fathers living in poverty or surviving homelessness are unable to spend enough time with their children or be in their lives. The father's program helps fathers be more active in their children's lives giving them support and creative ways to interact with their children.


Make Opportunity to Reach Excellence (M.O.R.E)

Money Matters

Understanding the role money plays by learning how to manage money, balance a checkbook, make a bank deposit, use an ATM card, withdraw money, write a check, pay bills, and create a budget. Included is a financial component to help understand how to save for retirement and the benefits insurance.


Honor You Program

The Honor You Program gives veterans an opportunity to learn how to get back to civilian life including family relationships while acknowledging all of the sacrifices they made for our country. This program encourages veterans to develop their passions and possibly turn it into financial stability.



Learning how to effectively search and work at a job. Understanding the time sheet and what all of the employment forms mean. How to communicate with coworkers and supervisors including dealing with conflict, learning how to deal with customers, coworkers, and staying calm under pressure.