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Where It All Started

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The Foundation for Homeless and  Poverty Management is the brainchild of Drayton D. Jackson who was homeless for two decades in New York City and Washington state.

While sitting as student body president of Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington, Drayton was disgusted to learn that there were homeless students living out of their vehicles with their children. After bringing this to light publicly, Drayton realized his lived

experiences could help change this growing situation. In 2015, under his social purpose corporation Family Day Foundation’s umbrella,  Drayton started working on the concept of changing the shelter system.


My reason for creating this company is to give a new understanding to what shelters can do for people surviving homelessness. It is our mission to change the way shelters and the shelter system are created and managed.


Throughout Washington state there are thousands of men, women and children from all backgrounds that call tents, cars, business entrances and parks their home. The Foundation for Homeless and Poverty Management will make sure that none of these individuals give up on themselves. Our programs, day centers and shelters will have full support from entry to long term stability in their own homes.

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